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Sep 16, 2006

1. Don't attack other posters. This includes maliciously bringing up the name of another subscriber in posts that they did not start or are not involved in just to elicit a reaction. In short, making another subscriber a target qualifies as a personal attack. If you personally attack another poster, your post will be deleted. Repeat offenses can result in a ban.

2. No bigoted comments or hate speech. Bigoted comments or slurs of any type toward any group will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate week-long ban.

3. Do not use excessive amounts of profanity. If you can't say it on basic cable, you can't say it here. Please note that replacing one letter in one of those words with an asterisk or another character counts the same as if you had spelled it correctly.

4. Keep things safe for work. Don't post any pornographic or obscene images, and don't link to other websites that are potentially not safe for work without including some kind of warning.

5. Don't attack recruits, players or coaches. Criticism is okay; personal attacks are not.

6. No flaming, trolling or repetitive posting. This includes consistently posting the same thing over and over or posting just to elicit a reaction instead of engaging in substantive discussion.

7. No posting or distribution of any material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any law. Posts will be deleted without exception. This includes no posting of premium information from other networks or websites.

8. Posts that deal with political or religious topics be respectful in tone and content. Orange and Blue News is an Illinois fan site. It is not a platform for those who hold extremist political views.

9. Do not link to websites that directly compete with or any of its sponsors. These posts will be deleted.

10. Do not contact recruits in any form. It is against NCAA rules and a violation to do so, and anyone caught doing so will see an account with cancelled.

11. Please refrain from posting information from on competing boards. The writers take a lot of time and effort to get the information, and they ask that it not be shared with competing websites. We have no problem with anyone discussing items with friends, but please leave it off competing boards.

12. Direct any questions or comments about board rules to staff via direct message or email. Board posts focusing on moderation will be deleted without exception.

13. Use the 'report' tool to report violations of board rules. Do not reply to posts that you report.

14. Personal messages that contain abusive language will be treated just like other violations of board rules. The subscriber may be subject to having their PM privileges removed.

15. Terms of service. By subscribing, registering or using the sites, you agree that Rivals and or the publisher(s) and board moderators of the sites have the right, in addition to other rights, to delete your posts or blacklist you or any other user at any time, if they believe that action is in the best interest of the sites, for whatever reason, and the reason need not be disclosed. For more information, you can read the Terms of Service for subscribers here.

If you ever have any questions about board rules or enforcement, send a direct message to bucshon or email to
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